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Band Fan Post for the "Jane Gang Unleashed". 

T-shirts now available for the "Jane Gang Unleashed"!  Thanks to Rob Smith, Jr., the "Jane Gang Unleashed" now has a Logo to sport out and about on T-shirts. They are available at our gigs, or you can purchase them on this site from the "Jane Gang Unleashed" page using PayPal and have a T-shirt mailed to you.  Proceeds from T-shirt sales will go to a "Jane Gang Unleashed" recording project.  We hope to have your favorite songs from all three members on a CD and for digital release. Join the gang and help us fund a "Jane Gang Unleashed" CD!  

Black Cat Open Mic Night 

My friends and I had a great time at the Black Cat Open Mic last night.  We shot some video of our stage time. Hoping it will be good enough to share with you.

Breaking in with Bandzoogle! 

I have stepped up from the old iWeb platform to using Bandzoogle for my website.  I am impressed.  It has been very user friendly and easy to create a new, modern looking website.  It is still under construction, so changes may occur frequently.  Let me know if there are changes you'd like to see!
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