1. Thunder

From the recording Dare To Fly

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Thunder - mp3 at 320kbps.


By Stephanie Barker ©

Save me from the thunder.
Save me I'm going under.
Save me, from the curse that's come to call.
Whoa, save me before I fall.

(Chorus) It's an ever winding road and such a heavy load.
Well the burden is just too much to bear.
No matter what I do, or where I go, or what you say or who I know, I hear the thunder everywhere.
I hear the thunder everywhere.

Clouds tell the tale of coming rain.
Wind sweeping over all my pain.
My heart burns.
My thoughts are running blind.
And the weaver spins his web, in my mind.


(Bridge) Searched my soul and I can see...
The thunder's meant to be...
Meant to be a roar, that brings me down onto my knees.
I'm down... on my knees.

(Tag Out) I hear the thunder... 6x
I know it's gaining ground.
Whoa, mighty is the sound.
I hear the thunder.
Now it's beating in my heart.
It's break'n me apart, I heart the thunder.
I can hear it.
I hear the thunder. 3x