From the recording Dare To Fly

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At The End Of The Journey - mp3 at 320kbps.


"At The End Of The Journey"
By Stephanie Barker ©

At the end of the journey, when I'm lifted above; I pray you remember me in love.
I've tried to be true and I hope that I've blessed you, in the same ways that you have blessed me.

(Chorus) I've only one life...
So much time to make it right.
Will the little things really matter,
When I step into the light?

At the end of the journey, I hope I've given you my best, and I'll have to let go of the rest.
Some things I've meant to do, but I never meant to hurt you; and I'm sorry if ever I have.


(Bridge) Be strong as a might oak, but tender as the reed... and lend your hand when there is a need.
Give more than you've got... and live and love a lot;
So at the end of the journey, you smile...
So in the end, the journey's worth while.

At the end of the journey, I'll give you my heart. It's all I have left to impart.
Hold on to me, in your memory, and I'll hold you in mine.
If you let go of me, someday we will be...
Together at the end of the journey...
Together at the end of the journey.