1. Aim High

From the recording Dare To Fly

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Aim High - mp3 at 320kbps


"Aim High"
By Stephanie Barker ©

I'm feeling, scattered in the wind.
Leaving without goodbyes to start again.
I let it go, a secure career going strong;
Top dollar shift work from dusk till dawn.

(Chorus 1) Now I dare to fly, through a clouded sky.
Taking off in faith, I've got to try.
I'll never clear the cliffs, unless I aim high.
Aim high. Aim high.

I'm moving on, to places I've never known.
Got my guitar, my songs and microphone.
Uneasiness, to pursue my hearts desire.
But fear is courage under fire.

(Chorus 1)

(Bridge) Life is risk. Risk is chance.
Hope is failure that learns to dance... through a clouded sky.
Will I ever find, more than I left behind?
So many mountains to climb.
Well I have to try!

(Chorus 2) Now I dare to fly, through a clouded sky, where the mountains echo in reply.
I'm gonna clear the cliffs.
I'm not afraid to try.
Aim high! Aim high!

(Tag) Through a clouded sky...
I've learned to fly.
Set my mind, and fixed my eyes.
Well, I'm reaching for the skies.
Aim High!